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Carters Country Wear

Service and style for country lovers.
Located right at the heart of the North York Moors.

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Estate & Bespoke Tailoring

Our tailored suits are hand-made in England by our highly experienced tailors. You can buy with confidence, and you will own clothing that will serve you for many years to come.

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Ladies’ Wear

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Men’s Wear

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Field Clothing

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Shooting Parties

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Pick Your Pattern

Beautiful country clothing to last a lifetime

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Clothing for the most demanding of environments – or for indoor elegance at every occasion.



Made to last, using the very finest materials and suppliers, sourced from experts, by experts.



We will ensure your chosen outfits suit you and fit you. We sell from Helmsley, and always with a smile.


What our customers say

Customer happiness as at the core of our business. If our customers aren’t happy, we’re not happy. See what they’re saying below.

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Bill Glacier


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Video Producer

I was skeptical about all the changes going on in WordPress, but now that I’ve seen how powerful it can be, I’m convinced. Ollie made it super easy to get started with the “new” WordPress.

Andrea Sequoia

Customer Support

Working with the biggest names in country clothing

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Latest and Greatest

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  • Magee

    Magee was founded on handwoven tweed over 150 years ago. It was the perfect fabric for dissipating the damp and cold weather, so often found in North-west Ireland. The inspiration behind the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection is “Home” – home being Donegal, where Magee have been designing, weaving and tailoring luxurious fabrics for five generations.

  • Estate Tailoring

    Estate Tailoring

    We provide made-to-measure and stock estate tailoring services for a wide range of shoots and related organisations. As always we recommend that you call us at our shop in order to find out more The more common estate tailoring items include Braces Breeks Footwear Garters Jackets Knitwear Shooting Coats Shooting Stockings Ties & Cravats Waistcoats…

No code? No problem.

Build your blazing fast website with the power of the WordPress Site Editor and beautiful, pre-made designs from Ollie. No coding skills required.

No code? No problem.

Build your blazing fast website with the power of the WordPress Site Editor and beautiful, pre-made designs from Ollie. No coding skills required.